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Getting Around Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant, bustling city that can be overwhelming to those new to the area. But fear not, getting around is easy and convenient thanks to Hong Kong's well-connected public transport system. With an extensive network of buses, taxis and the MTR (Mass Transit Railway), you can travel anywhere within Hong Kong with relative ease.

Whether you're looking for a quick ride or scenic journey, Hong Kong's transport network has something for everyone.

Hong Kong's MRT (Mass Transit Railway)

The Mass Transit Railway (MRT) in Hong Kong is a convenient and cheap form of transportation for locals and tourists alike. The MRT system is the world’s largest fully automated network, with over 170 stations across the city. It's easy-to-use, efficient and incredibly affordable. A single journey ticket will cost only a few Hong Kong dollars and can be purchased from any one of the many MRT ticket machines located at each station.

The MRT is a great way to get around quickly in Hong Kong. It serves as an important transport artery between Kowloon, Lantau Island and the New Territories, with interchanges at all major stations for quick transfers between lines.

The trains run frequently during peak hours so you'll never have to wait more than a few minutes before your next train arrives.

Hong Kong's Buses

Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis, and its system of public transportation is renowned for being one of the most efficient in the world. For tourists and locals alike, buses are an easy way to get around the city. With their extensive network of routes, they can take you just about anywhere you need to go in Hong Kong.

Buses offer travelers a comfortable ride as they traverse through streets lined with high-rises and markets filled with traditional Chinese goods. The fares are reasonable and you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic since the buses travel in designated lanes away from other vehicles.

You'll also be able to enjoy some incredible views along your journey, as the city skyline passes by your window.

Hong Kong's Iconic Trams

Hong Kong's trams are one of the most iconic forms of public transportation in the city. A Hong Kong tram ride is an experience like no other, providing travellers with a glimpse into the hustle and bustle of everyday life in this densely populated metropolis.

Not only is it easy to catch a tram in Hong Kong, but it also allows for a unique view of the city's Victorian-style architecture, as well as its modern skyscrapers perched atop mountains and hillsides.

Travelling by tram offers an intimate look at the streetscape, allowing passengers to experience street-level life that would otherwise be missed from inside a car or bus. The wide variety of people who take trams every day makes for some interesting conversations among fellow passengers - it truly is one of the best ways to get around town!

They are also incredibly affordable - costing just 2.3 HKD ($0.30 USD) per ride - making them an accessible form of transport for all walks of life.

Hong Kong's Iconic Ferries

The Hong Kong ferries, an iconic part of the city's transportation infrastructure, are a must-see. From taking a leisurely cruise along the harbour to crossing Victoria Harbour, the ferries offer passengers stunning views of some of Hong Kong's most beautiful landmarks. Operating since 1888, these boats have become synonymous with life in this vibrant Asian metropolis.

A fleet of more than 200 ferries ply the waters around Hong Kong Island and Kowloon every day, transporting over 50 million people annually. Whether tourists or locals alike, travellers enjoy the convenience and affordability that these vessels offer; fares start from just HK$2.20 for adults and HK$1 for children under 12 years old. Passengers can also purchase discounted tickets for multiple trips or as part of tourist packages.

Travelling with the Oyster Card

The Hong Kong Oyster Card is a must-have for anyone traveling to the bustling city of Hong Kong. This easy-to-use contactless payment system allows travellers to travel around the city with ease and convenience. The card works like a debit card and can be used on all public transportation systems, such as buses, trains, ferries, and trams. It's an efficient way to get around town without having to worry about carrying change or paper tickets.

Using an Oyster Card is simple; travellers just need to purchase one at any Mass Transit Railway (MTR) station, ferry terminals, buses or other authorized retailers in Hong Kong. Once purchased, users can load money onto their cards and use them to pay fares while they travel throughout the area.

Additionally, cards are reloadable so that travellers can keep topping up their account balance whenever needed.


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